Congratulations to Joe for his certification from HOTCATT (Hotel Catering and Tourism Training Centre) as a certified guide in Ghana!

Greetings from Ghana! My name is Joe. I am a certified guide in Ghana.

I am also a music maker and craft Djembe drums.

Share some fine Ghana cuisine with me. I can help you
find good food in Ghana that you will enjoy.

This is a picture from Aburi Botanical Gardens. We can
easily visit this place on a day trip from Ghana.

Here I am with one of my good friends in Ghana. Don't get
too close! He is not the friendliest guy in Ghana! LOL

This is Akaa Falls in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This is
another place that can be visited easily from Accra.

We can also visit farms where the great food of Ghana
is produced. This is a pineapple field. Steve always says
that Ghana has the sweetest pineapple in the world!

About Me

What is your name?

Joseph B. Nukpeta

Where do you live?

Accra, Ghana

What languages do you speak well enough to converse?

English, French, Ewe, Twi

What languages do you speak at a basic level?

Ga, Fanti, Hausa

What is your profession? What work experience do you have?

Tour guide, driver, artisan (drum maker, carver). Previous jobs include phone attendant, waiter, and I also managed a photo lab in Togo for few years.

Do you have any experience working with foreigners?

Yes. I been a taxi driver in the city of Accra, and I drove a lot of people along the coast of Ghana, teach them drumming, cooking African dishes, I also have family in Norway who visit me and that I also visit sometimes.

Where do you like to take people to?

I know a lot of attractive places around the Volta region, eastern and many others like a trip on the Volta lake which is the largest manmade lake in Africa, the monkey sanctuary, the natural water falls, the mountain village of Amedzofe, the oldest slave castles in central region of Ghana and many other places.

Describe how you like to move in life.

I like to be easy going, interact with people and with different cultures, listening to people, having fun and sharing some couple of Ghanaian fresh beer after a hot sunning day and also making people to taste some of our local drinks. I’m also a fan of football so I do not miss my Sunday morning practices. You are also invited to have fun with me.

Do you like to be around people?

I love to be with friends, cracking jokes, share ideas, or learning new cultures.

How would you describe the relationship between you and the community where you live?

I live in a community where everybody lives in perfect harmony with each other, I like to take part in the cleaning, or planting trees around my neighborhood, assisting people who need me, I’m very friendly with people and I feel really great when kids in my community run after me, yelling my name. Especially when I drop a football around them.

Are you involved in any community activities? Do you belong to any community-based organizations?

I belong to the youth organization and also to the football team.

How often to you drink alcohol?

I enjoy my fresh Ghanaian beer socially, especially after a hard warm working day.

Can you properly operate a digital camera?

With my experience in a photo lab, I can operate digital cameras and I shoot very good photos.